Introduce the People Who Live and Work
in the Upper Valley to your business/organization

What is MUUV?

MUUV is a new web-based networking program designed to strengthen the bonds between employers, employees and the Upper Valley Community.

MUUV is designed for use by local employers for all their employees who live or work within 50 miles of their workplace.

Some of the key objectives of MUUV are to:
• Enrich the lives of participants through activities and programs with tangible, appealing and participatory components.
• Introduce potential and current employees and their families to each other and to the Upper Valley.

MUUV will:
• Have programming throughout the calendar year.
• Offer 2-3 events/programs monthly hosted by Upper Valley businesses and organizations.
• Provide a wide range of options designed to attract and engage a variety of attendees.

This program is brought to you and will be managed by the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce (HACC).

What is in it for you?
• Exposure: You will reach a large new audience directly.
Note: Events/Programs are designed to attract Upper Valley locals from a variety of Upper Valley employers through programming (see participating employer list).
• Customer Retention: Once you have new and continuing customers/clients participating and engaged, in what you do, create a way for the relationship to continue.

How do you participate in the program?
• Become an event/program host.
• Design an event or program to draw people to you.
Note: The program/event must have at least one unique component. Make your event or program work for you - highlight the part of your business that you want people to know about. Events tend to be more successful when 2 or more businesses collaborate to create an experience.
• If there is a cost to attend the event, please provide us with the pricing structure and what the payment covers. Please note that your program/event is an introduction to what you have to offer. Attract people with good pricing and interesting approaches to what you do that makes you unique.
Note: If there are additional potential fees, please provide the details for these additional fees.
• To sign up to host an event, fill out the MUUV Event Host form and return it to or fax to HACC (603) 643-5606.

What must I know to be successful?
• You must include costs associated with your program/event if applicable.
Note: If a cost/fee is associated with your program/event, once the fee is published, it must remain as quoted.
• If specific information is needed from participants; you must provide us the list of requirements at the time the event/program is booked (i.e. need ages or sizes, or need a waiver signed, etc.).
• You must provide all maximum and minimum numbers of attendees required to hold the program/event.
• You must provide age requirements (must be over 18 or 21, etc.) required for the program/event.
• You must provide a cancelation date and any penalties if cancelation is necessary by either an individual or the entire group. Please note if the individual and group cancelation is different.
• You must carry all proper licenses, and be bonded and insured for up to 2 million in liability insurance when applicable. HACC will request a copy of your insurance certificate prior to the start of your program/event.
• Your information must include your contact information; phone number, email and street address, and web link.
• You can provide a high resolution (give specs) photo for promotional use. By doing so you are giving permission for its use in any MUUV promotional or marketing campaign.
• Your event/program description may contain up to 250 characters including spaces and punctuation. Please be VERY specific about the details of the event/program.
• HACC will provide a list of participants to the host (names and any pertinent information (i.e. if there are age, height or any other requirements necessary to participate) with the understanding that additional contact with a participant must be requested by the host (example, participant to get on your mailing list) and the participant will at that time provide contact information if they would like.
• It is the host responsibility to provide all materials, equipment, audio visual, etc. necessary to run the event/program.

How does the site work?
• Potential participants use the MUUV website to search for events/programs they are interested in attending.
• Potential participants find your event/program and click to register. The registration is processed by HACC.
• Registrants pay the Chamber directly and the Chamber pays the host(s)

What support does HACC provide?
• HACC will provide the host with a list of participants (name, and any necessary information requested to participate in the program/event).
• HACC will collect any fees when applicable and be responsible to the Host for payment due. Unless agreed upon prior to the event, payment will be made within 14 business days after the date of the event/program.
• HACC has a person on staff dedicated to work with you every step of the way during the regular weekday workday.
• If an event is occuring after normal business hours, HACC will provide a dedicated phone number for you to reach an HACC representative.
• HACC will be on site or may designate a person as the “go-to” person when appropriate. Generally groups of 20 or less will be managed directly by the host without HACC staff on-site.
• HACC communicates regularly with you (the host) and with the MUUV participating companies.
• HACC has been assured by MUUV participating companies that they will place MUUV information:
• In their orientation materials
• In email blasts, when appropriate
• In monthly communications to announce MUUV events
• Provide the website address for easy access

We look forward to receiving your completed MUUV Event Host form.