Event Hosts

Introduce yourself/your business. Create a presence in the community and help people get involved in the Upper Valley.

Learn about all the details of becoming an event host in the FAQs below and fill out a MUUV Event Host Form. Your proposal will require approval; the event details will be reviewed and you will be emailed and/or called to discuss.

Have a question not answered below? Or just want to discuss possibilities? Give us a call at 603-643-3115.


Key Objectives of the MUUV Program

• Enrich the lives of participants through activities and programs with tangible, appealing and participatory components.
• Introduce potential and current employees and their families to each other and to the Upper Valley.

What is MUUV?

  • MUUV is short for Meet Up Upper Valley.
  • MUUV is a web-based networking program designed to strengthen the bonds between employers, employees and the Upper Valley Community.
  • MUUV is designed for use by local, participating employers (see participating employers) for all their employees who live or work in the Upper Valley.
  • Events are scheduled throughout the calendar year.
  • 2-3 events/programs are hosted by Upper Valley businesses and organizations each month.
  • The program provides a wide range of activities designed to attract and engage a variety of attendees.
  • This program is managed by the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce (HACC).

What's in it for the Host?

  • Exposure: You will reach a large new audience directly. We take care of promotion via each employer and our MUUVers email list.*
  • Customer Retention: Once you have new and continuing customers/clients participating and engaged, in what you do, create a way for the relationship to continue.
  • Good Gossip: A unique experience at your event will create talk. The best advertisers are those who have already experienced and enjoyed what you have to offer.

*Events/Programs are designed to attract Upper Valley locals from a variety of Upper Valley employers (see participants).

How do I create an event?

  • Design an event or program to draw people to you. Think about both what you want to highlight about your organization/business AND what unique experience you can offer to attract attendees.
  • Consider Partnership: partnering with another business might be valuable in creating a unique experience.
  • Keep Costs Low: If there are costs involved in hosting the event, please provide us with pricing and what it covers. Please remember that the event/program is an introduction to your organization/business and the goal of the program is to offer low-cost or no-cost activities that nurture community ties in the Upper Valley.
  • Call us at 603-643-3115 to get help with event ideas and/or workshop through the details.
  • Fill-out a MUUV Event Host Form and submit.

What does a successful event look like?

Successful events are:

  • Unique Experience - they cannot find it as a part of your "regular" line up and/or from another place (makes them feel special)
  • Affordable - we offer low-cost and free events, typically under $60
  • Offer some unique take-away - either physically, like a Bamboo Rolling Mat from a Sushi-Making Class, or such a unique and memorable expereince, that they have a story to tell friends
  • Set Maximum and Minimum Number of Attendees - we try to keep the groups tight, around 20 people or less at an event. Exceptions would be bus trips to larger venues (Boston Flower Show or Casino).
  • Specifiy age requirements - alcohol being served requires 21 or older, but some activities, like zip lines, require age, height and weight minimums.
  • Ensure you have all proper licences and adhere to your state or town's regulations for holding the event.
  • You provide materials for promotion and registration of the event, such as, promo pictures, logo, directions to event location, description of the event, and details of participation, such as what to wear.