Mini-Garden Magic


Welcome to the Magical World of Miniature Gardens!

Meet Up Upper Valley participants (MUUVers) will emerge themselves into the enchanted world of miniature gardens.  From Fairies to Superheroes, all are welcome into this small magical world you create. This fantastic journey begins with imagination! BYOB - Bring Your Own Basket; we will bring all the fantastic materials to make your mini-garden magical.

Mini-Garden Magic
Robert's Flowers of Hanover
5:30 - 7 p.m.

The Essentials
This charming, hands-on workshop is for all members of the family. Participants will craft and design their very own unique, extraordinary themed miniature garden.
Bring from home:  You will need a container for your garden, so start looking around! Containers should be at least 8” – 10” in diameter and at least 4” deep.
Ideal Containers:  Clay pots, old baskets, old garden pots, large deep dishes, wooden boxes, etc. Second hand shops are great for container ideas.
We will have a limited supply of free containers available at the event for those that need one, you may also purchase one at Roberts Flowers the night of.
Supplies:  Aside from a container, all the supplies needed for this workshop,  will be provided by Roberts Flowers of Hanover and GardenKay Designer, 
including;  miniature plants, rocks, deco stones, moss, soil  and a whole lot of quirkiness. Each participant will be provided with a Start Kit for that added little magic to your garden.

Sip and Relax: You are welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages to this event, so don’t forget to pack yourself a treat to enjoy while you learn.

The Little Details
Wear comfortable clothes, as you will be standing and sitting for most of this workshop. You might also get a little dirty playing in the soil. You will a able to work with your hands, use a glue gun and be creative!
If you want to learn more about the Roberts Flowers of Hanover,  Click Here